Canada SIM cards are usually expensive that is why it is not easy to get SIM card in Canada. There only three companies proving SIM cards which will not be more competitive enough to make the availability of SIM cards easy. These companies are named Rogers, Telus, Bell and Freedom Mobile. In this situation, the cities with public Wifi and any other wireless network should be reviewed in other to provide an alternative for purchasing SIM cards in Canada.

What we mean by Canada SIM is expensive is that the amount of data is costly. To tourists, the data package makes it meaningful for unlimited calls and texts, for both international and local. In Europe and other continents like Asia, a huge amount of data is very cheaper and frequently packaged mainly for tourists who will be visiting for about 7 to 21 days. But in Canada, there are not much of these offers.

Canada is prompt to be disturbed with geographical issues whereby the population is ranged across the big areas with only not few of large cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto. When you visit Canada you will see the worst steam clock in Vancouver. Most people like to visit Canada to see the lovely natural countryside which expands to three different oceans and also six times zones. Wireless network coverage of that big land is more expensive because of Bell and Telus segment a single cell tower instead of building their own. This is what we experience at all times.

The Canada SIM cards for tourists are sold at each company’s stores. It is very easy to find some of these in the popular cities. Some recharge vouchers and other SIM cards such as Lucky mobile, PhoneBox, or public Mobile can also be seen at mall kiosks such as K-mobile, seven eleven and so on.

Many SIM cards are now purchased online and will be sent to the ordered address of the recipient. There is need to unlock your phone in order to access the networks in Canada. The prepaid Canada SIM cards are not registered. Therefore you will need to register the SIM card with your name and email address only.

SIM cards in Canada are more expensive than some other countries good for tourists. The most painful thing is the 2GB which costs like about $50 for a month on the prepaid mobile phone. The public mobile serves as a discounted brand of Telus Company that has the biggest coverage in Canada. It offers the plan of 4GB with voice call and SMS for about $40 and $10 for SIM card. This is one of the best values with assured network coverage anywhere around Canada.

The only disadvantage is the inability of not using foreign credit cards to buy the SIM cards online. The only means of payment is by using the Canadian credit card. The major malls in Canada are the Mobile Boutique, K-mobile, and Walmart. These are places you can get voucher and SIM cards to choose the type of plan which you will like to use.

August 22, 2018

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