Informal Wedding Gowns – Perfect for Your Casual Wedding!

Weddings overall have been taking on more of a casual feel over the past few years, and we are seeing this trend in wedding dresses as well. Whether you are a girl that just does not like to dress up, or you are having a casual backyard wedding, we have some great ideas about informal wedding gowns for you to consider,Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai.

When thinking about your casual dress, you are most likely having thoughts about comfort. The easiest way to make a dress relaxing to use is a soft natural fabric. A few of our favorites are laundered linen, earthy silk noil, and soft billowing layers of thin organic cotton. Natural fabrics have a different benefit because they breath better, allowing you to feel cooler if you are getting married on a hot summer day.

When picking a dress for a casual event, people tend to go towards shorter styles. However, informal wedding gowns can also be long. The length for your gown will mostly be decided by your personal desire, however, the place and style of your wedding may also determine this. If you do decide to opt for a short dress, think of pairing it with a cute pair of shoes or some appealing leg wear for a nice finished look.

When dressing in an informal wedding gown, you will want to keep your hair and make-up appearing natural and your accessories to a low tone. We suggest skipping the veil, and picking a relaxed hair style. Straight hair with a side pulled back and a simple hair accent like a fresh flower or delicate curls with a simple satin head band both lend themselves well to the informal wedding style.

Informal wedding gowns are also simple to wear again if you choose not to preserve your dress. Furthermore if the dress is made of a natural fabric such as cotton, silk or linen, then it can be colored a different color after the wedding, and worn again.


August 7, 2018

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