Microleaves Backconnect Proxy

Microleaves Backconnect proxy

A large number of people don’t know why they are using the proxies or the Backconnect Proxies. Most of the people are unsure that how these proxies works and you could be one of them too, well we will tell you the answer and the answer is very simple than you ever thought.

We are providing the Microleaves Backconnect proxy and by signing up to our services the possibility to plight your data from search engines or from web without the fear that your IP get blocked. But again the question arises that HOW? Well the answer is really simple and is that the technology that we will apply will eventually offer you with thousands of different actually private IP addresses.

With the help of the Microleaves the all scraping of date will be done anonymously and the other thing that we provide is the automatic rotation of the IP addresses in every single account. The benefit of this rotation is that it will generate the more number of search requests at one time. The reason behind is that on every application that you will send out will come from the unique IP that will be private and especially when you will scrap the data.

Benefits of the Microleaves Backconnect proxy

Well, when we talk about the benefits of the Microleaves it helps to backing your location when you are browsing some data or working on some inclinations like playing games or does the shopping. SEO will observe the requests sent by you from different places rather than you IP’s only.

It have surely strong benefit s as the chance of your IP get blocked is almost none and if you realize that you have no access to some websites or any websites the Microleaves will give you the permission to any site that is blocked by the search engine.

Let’s have a difference between the private and shared proxies, when we talk about the proxies the proxies are used by the any individual or by the company especially when they get in touch with the internet. A proxy acts as a shield between the internet and you and the Microleaves Backconnect proxy allows you to do the private surfing on the internet and it is highly capable in hiding your IP addresses.

Shared proxy always handles many users at a time for example if a company want to use a share proxy it mean a big number of people can access that proxy but not just a single person. But mostly the technology experts are against the shared proxy as they have some benefits. Mostly the share proxy is inexpensive as it allows you to share the server of your company. Some of the shared of public proxies are helpful in the software like SEO as it requires the date from the internet especially in the keywords for ranking of your page on the internet.


Open shared proxies are not consistent. The way they work often because the burden of the frustrating and abandon the moderate website experience. There is clear fact that the proxy server cannot have so many clients and mostly the people who are using it mishandled that and it cause in slowing the other rest of the users.

When we talk about the open proxy it doesn’t give the full security but the benefit is that you will never get and chances of getting hacked is rare and when you are using the shared proxy the chance of the hacking is increases. Now the point is that whenever you are buying anything you always go for the most famous brands that are providing the high qualities in the work and at those outlets you are guarantee to get the high quality product will long term services.

The beauty of the Microleaves Backconnect proxy is that it is really beneficial to run it in your country without any worry. Microleaves Backconnect proxy provides some common types of the proxy servers like HTTP/S and SOCKS 4/5 on the same time. These are the two main proxy servers that is still providing and it is these are mostly used by the servers.


You really should have to test the proxy many times if you want to succeed the proxy. You should have to accept the work of the proxy and to do it perform excellently without testing it, once the IP’s authenticates completes the Microleaves Backconnect proxy works superbly.

The IP rotation may provide you the data scraping worldwide using their IP rotation. A big number authenticated and original SHOCKS 4/5 and HTTPS are available in different countries of the world and are accessible by the gateway services. The Microleaves Backconnect proxy is unique, reliable and fast and its nature make it the best and popular proxy server.


The benefits of the Microleaves Backconnect proxy includes in getting the different and fast results in no time and it is all done by the search engine as Google do it by itself and extract the all results. When the search engine find it massive than the engine finds and will block the IP even you are human but the Microleaves Backconnect proxy helps you a lot and will give you the access to get that through the search engine and you and your IP will never get traced.

Microleaves Backconnect proxy always keep your privacy too strong and as the IP address cycles around the same points even if you are using the automatic software and the main working of the Microleaves Backconnect proxy is to secure all your personal data and details and also making it sure that it will never been under any hacked attempt. It can also be used in the SEO tools as sometimes the rotation of IP and its functions do a good job in SEO tools and unlike other proxy servers it will give you all in the fixed and a little amount.


This is a fact that can be denied that every website that you visit records your IP address for any request that you make using their platform. Therefore when you send the more request the chance that your IP will get blocked and you can’t access any information from that particular website especially after sending too much requests using different keywords for ranking software they have. So you have to use the Microleaves Backconnect proxy that will provide you the private IP rotation and you can access the multiple having different IP addresses and you will never get blocked by using Microleaves Backconnect proxy.

June 6, 2017


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