Why to buy Shared Proxies

Trust Shared Proxy More  For Safe Surfing

Hundreds of millions of people around the world are aware of the advantages and uses of proxies especially the shared proxy. Proxies have made the surfing on Internet easier. As it acquiesces the complete unnamed and unsigned surfing on the web or Internet. Hence, using proxies allows the person or user to browse anything he wants to, without being signed in to their google accounts or any other account. Proxies hide the Internet Portal address of its users. Thus, many of its users find it a safe way for browsing and surfing on the Internet. As the location of users is kept hidden and confidential.

What is Shared Proxy?

Apparently, there are multiple kinds of proxies which are providing services to the users. One can search for multiple proxies on ‘The Proxy List’. The shared proxy is mostly used and preferable by Internet users.

Shared proxy is basically a proxy which can be used concurrently by the diversified and numerous number of users at one time. Most of the companies use this proxy. Shared proxy simply signifies that, if certain team of company or some association agrees to use it, then the proxy will be approachable for all. Shared proxy is also known as public proxy due to its features and characteristics.

Public or shared proxy server can often be used with those applications or web servers which brace or allow the use shared proxy.

Significance of Shared proxy

Usually companies gather the information about its users by tracking their IP address on web. By this they track the user’s location. In short, Internet gather cookies from each visited site. After the information is gathered about the user via Internet IP address, one can make a profile using his basic information. The anonymous or shared proxy makes it almost impossible for the companies to chase the IP address of the user. And the user feels safe on Internet while surfing on web.

Why do the users buy Shared Proxies?

Generally, the random Internet users buy the shared proxies because most often these proxies are less expensive than the other private proxies. By using the shared proxy the user not only allocates the computer program i.e. server, but the user also partakes in sharing the price of the server. Hence, they are more into buying the shared proxies.

Buying Shared Proxy

Shared proxies are safe for surfing hence users must buy shared proxies. Before buying shared proxy one must identify the various kinds of proxies so as to know about the differences and similarities with other proxies. Also one must keep in mind the price and cost of shared proxy. The user must go for, or buy the cheapest shared proxy. If the user wants to get more features, which includes collecting Internet Portal address, fast surfing or browsing speed. Along with these features the ease of accessing the locations. For these features, user need to pay more and the price may be worth it.

August 9, 2017

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