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Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport is proud to provide one of the best bus rental services in the entire UAE. We are providing state of the art facilities, guaranteed services with very special prices. Bus Rental Services in Dubai and the Northern Emirates especially Sharjah & Ajman make the most of the transportation activities in the Emirates. If you are planning to visit Dubai or you are in any state of Dubai and you are looking for any kind of bus rental services, you are in the right place by visiting our site. We offer our very best bus rental services with affordable prices. Dubai Road & Transport Authority (RTA) is keen to discourage any kind of bad or unlawful practice in transportation or bus rental services in the country. We are the first registered company with RTA having such kind of permits and approvals to carry out various transport and bus rental services and bus rental operations. Our bus rental services are unique and reliable in the vast competitive market.

We provide transportation services to events organizing companies, tour organizing companies , Oil & Gas Companies , schools, hospitals, hotels, colleges, universities, construction and contracting companies, bank staff and other office staff, tour operators , events operators , Sports festivals inside and outside of the UAE. Bus Transport Services Sharjah, Bus transport services in Ajman. We are one of the biggest School Bus Rental company in the country.

If you want to book or hire or rent a bus anywhere in the UAE, just contact us by email, whatsApp or by email.

Call : 00971 55 888 2009

April 15, 2018

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