Chris Oyakhilome Is Spreading The Gospel Further

Being an author and speaker wasn’t enough for Pastor Chris, but he wanted to do more to reach those who are lost. He started Christ Embassy some time ago, and he is still working hard today to do more. He has always been determined to do as much as he can for those who are hurting, and he has spent thirty years in ministry because of that. He felt called to be a missionary right from the beginning, and he has traveled all across the globe to tell others of God’s love and grace. He has shared messages of hope to those in hopeless countries, and he has touched many lives through the work that he has done.

Chris Oyakhilome has done everything that he could to make a difference in the world around him, and he is involved in ministries that touch fifty countries. He is involved in a few countries specifically, UK, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada and The United States, but his ministries go far beyond them. He is determined to touch as many lives and hearts as possible, and that is why he has recently gotten involved in something more than his writings and speaking. He has taken things to a whole new level, and he is excited about where things are going. Chris Oyakhilome is also excited about the launch of his TV channel. He recently connected with another pastor and together they created a channel that is all about Christ’s love. The channel is available on cable in the United States, and people can also find it online. It is a channel that is unique from others that are out there because it is so hope filled. It is all about God, and Pastor Chris has worked hard to make it that way. He thought about what he wanted for the channel and made sure that it was all that he needed it to be.

Another project that Chris has just ventured out on is Haven Nation. It was created to draw people together and encourage them in their faith. Speakers talk to the people who come and help them to feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. One of the speakers who talked at it spoke of the callings that people had and how God would use them, and those who came to Haven Nation left feeling encouraged. Pastor Chris has always wanted the things he does to be all about God, and he is glad to start Haven Nation to encourage others in their faith and to help them start out on a journey that is all about God and the callings that they have for each of t

September 18, 2017

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