Most Interesting Types of Vending Machines

Most Interesting Types of Vending Machines

We have discussed some common types of vending machines in our last article. Today we will go further ahead in this regard and will discuss some Interesting types vending machines that are in use recently in different fields of life.

Below we will mention some interesting types of vending machines that will allow you to know this in details.

  • Photo Booth

A photo booth is a very common type of vending machine or you can call it the modern kiosk instead. It is a coin-operated vending machine, containing a film processor and camera.

A traditional photo booth equipped with a seat with different patrons being photographed, surrounded by some sort of curtains that ensure privacy and help to avoid outside interference during the session. Payments can be made by inserting the fixed amount of coins into the machine. After that, the photo booth will take the required amount of photos with print to the customer and that’s it.

The old photo vending machines use the old type of developing process that use liquid chemicals but nowadays the majority of the booths are digital so this is not the case anymore.

  • Ticket Machines

This type of vending machine produces different types of tickets. Dispensing of train tickets at the railway stations and inside the trains, dispensing of transit tickets at various metro stations and air tickets at airports are the common examples of such vending machines.

The transaction consists the user interface display from where you can select the type, destination, and quantity of tickets according to your requirement and then the payment option whether you want to use cash credit/debit card or smart card as of your payment option.

After getting done with the process, the vending machine will print and dispense the ticket to you.

  • Car Vending Machine

Yes, you read it correctly. Automobile vending machine is also there to help you in this regard.

The first car vending machine was introduced by the Carvana, the online auto retailer in the United States, Atlanta in November 2013. However, the biggest example in this regard is invented in late 2016 in Singapore. Till date, this is the biggest vending machine ever observed with the height of 15 stories and 60 cars.

Through that giant vending machine, you can even dispense Ferrari and Lamborghini if you can afford.

  • Life Insurance Vending Machine

In between the 1950 to 1970 life insurance vending machines were used at several American airports to sell life insurance policies covering the death during the flight operation in case of flight crashed. However, due to the strict policies of American Courts towards such policy sellers, it disappears gradually from the scene.

Yes, as stated in Wikipedia, these types of vending machines have been serving in the United States and Canada.

These types of vending machines are being used for selling and dispensing of marijuana (cannabis).

There are many other interesting types of vending machines are serving around the world. We will discuss these types in our forthcoming posts Inshallah.

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